lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Entrevista a Paul Tobin

Saludos a todos, estoy muy contento ya que conseguido un objetivo por los que creado este blog que no es ni más ni menos que en ponerme en contacto con los ilustradores que más me han gustado, en principio de las últimas expansiones y realizarles una pequeña entrevista sobre su forma de trabajar las ilustraciones y saber un poco más sobre las ilustraciones que han realizado para VTES.

En esta ocasión, muy amablemente, puedo publicar la mini entrevista que le hice a Paul Tobin, para mí uno de los mejores ilustradores de la última expansión Herederos de la Sangre.

No me enrollo más y ahí va eso.


Hi there, I am a concept designer and illustrator based in New Zealand. I spend most of my time working at Weta Workshop working on films such as Avatar and the Hobbit. In the rare moments outside of working and sleeping I teach part-time, do the odd freelance commission and run workshops.

My personal sites :

Weta Workshop Profile


-Is the artwork original or digital?

They are digital illustrations painted in Photoshop.

- Do you use preliminary drawings?

I usually work up some thumbnails and doodles to help me explore some ideas quickly. This might be in pencil or just blocking out in photoshop (see attached examples). Its a nice loose way to work and you don't get stuck on the details. It also helps give you something to match to when it comes to art directing your model if you are using one.

- What information did White Wolf send you?

I had a really wonderful art director called Aileen Miles and she supplied me with written briefs like this for both the cards.

Path of Harmony: A feral-looking female vampire, likely an Ahrimanes, crouched down in an outdoor environment. Her eyes are closed and her head raised as if listening or smelling something.

Blessing of the Beast: A crouching, naked Ahrimanes (female vampire) with a predatory beast that seems to be made of smoke either arising from her flesh or sinking into it as if possessing her.

Aileen also supplied me with some background history on the Ahrimanes and the basic concepts behind VTES. I had not played the game but was familiar with Magic the Gathering so knew about trading card games. I spent some time of the official website and looking at other artists cards .

With small illustrations like cards you want to make sure that your image reads clearly. I talked through some ideas and after sending through some roughs moved onto the finals.

- Did you use a real model for the illustrations?

Yes, I used my girlfriend as a model which really helps if you want quite a dynamic pose. I tend to always use photographic reference as a starting point and not let it drive the illustration. Often I may have a number of pieces of reference that informs my final design.

-What was the size of the artwork?

20x23cm at 300DPI

-Do you have any sketches or paintings to sell?

I have some limited edition prints going on sale in December from a gallery called Eye Ball Kicks.

I have also recently completed my first book titled "White Cloud Worlds". Its an artbook profiling the work of 27 fantasy and science fiction artists from New Zealand, with a foreword by Guillermo del Toro, Introduction by Weta Workshop's Richard Taylor and afterwords by Alan Lee and John Howe.

For a preview and purchase please follow the following link.

Muy amablemente me ha enviado varios sketchs y preliminares de las dos cartas que ha realizado la ilustración en la última expansión, ahí os las dejo.

Rough Sketch

Path of Harmony Rough

Path of Harmony definitivo

Blessing of the Beast definitivo.

Bueno, espero que os haya gustado y me gustaría, cuando esto se reactive volver a ver ilustraciones de este señor en futuras expansiones.

Eso es todo, aaaaaaaaadios.